School Visits

I’m happy to visit classrooms via Zoom or Skype to read IN ONE EAR & OUT THE OTHER: ANTONIA BRICO & HER AMAZINGLY MUSICAL LIFE. I love to talk to kids about Antonia Brico, who broke barriers for women in the field of orchestral conducting whom I knew as a teenager while playing in the Brico Symphony. Here is a link to a student’s story about how Antonia’s story has impacted her through an author visit to her classroom on zoom.

I also like to share with students about revising, telling your own story, and where to find inspiration for writing. I love to teach kids how to make their own conducting baton, and instruct students in basic conducting patterns.

I ‘d be delighted to answer questions about the process of publishing a book through a traditional publisher, how long it takes, and hidden surprises I’ve found along the way.

Fees for classroom or musical group visits: (I’ll work with you to design a presentation for your class.)

~No fee for a 15 minute Skype/ Zoom session (prior reading of my book required)

~ 45 minute Skype/ Zoom session: $75

~Classroom in person presentation (45 minutes) : $200 (Travel fees/accommodation negotiable)

Please contact me at diworthey@gmail to arrange a visit to your classroom.