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H is For Haiku: A Treasury Of Haiku From A To Z by Sydell Rosenberg, illus by Sawsan Chalabi

Have you ever wanted to write poetry?

H Is For Haiku: A Treasury of Haiku From A To Z will inspire you to write your very own haiku!

In this award-winning collection of ABC haiku, readers will witness a boy sitting on a mailbox, drops of rain clanking on a watering can, waiting in line for ice cream, and so much more―all in haiku form and vibrant, playful illustrations.

Inspired by her experiences living in New York City, Sydell Roseberg’s haiku invite children and grown-ups alike to slow down, linger, and pay attention to the moments we often overlook. Illustrated in a dynamic and colorful style with text integrated into the images, H is for Haiku is a delightful addition to any bookshelf. Amy Losak, the author’s daughter, includes a moving forward to the book and explains the artistry of writing haiku.

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